Unleash Your Beauty with Simple Eye Makeup Trends in 2023

Discover the top simple eye makeup trends in 2023! Don’t sacrifice style for a busy schedule. Get inspired with these easy-to-apply trends that match your mood and elevate your look. From natural shadows to high-impact colors, stay ahead of the game and read on for what’s popular now and beyond.

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Simple Eye Makeup Trends in 2023

Unveiling the Simple Eye Makeup Trends In 2023

We have put together the latest simple eye makeup trends that are set to take 2023 by storm. From soft shimmer to bold hues, get ready to create effortlessly chic looks that will make your eyes pop.

Neutral Eye Colors

Neutral eye colors will be popular in the fall and winter seasons. They can add a touch of elegance to any look, and they go great with all skin tones. This season, we recommend light coral, baby blue, and silver hues as neutral eye colors.

Bright Eye Colors

Looking for a simple but beautiful eye makeup look for this year? Here are some bright eye colors to help you out!

This spring, opt for cool-toned eyes with pops of light. Brighten up your day with shades like yellow, lime green, or pink. You can also try a brighter lid color, such as purple or red. For an evening look, go subtle and choose jewel tones like blue or silver.

To get this look, start by using a light base shadow all over the lids and along the lash line. Then use a small brush to add a more intense color close to the lash line. Finish off with a light dusting of powder to set everything in place.

Ombre Eye Shades

Simple eye makeup trends for this year include ombre eye shades. This look is all about gradually changing the color of your shadow from light to dark, creating a sleek and modern look. Other popular looks include smoky eyes and dramatic cat-eye tips. For the perfect shade match, consult a makeup artist or use a customizer tool like Sephora’s My Makeup.

Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes are a popular eye makeup trend that will be in style this year. They use black and grey tones to create a dramatic look. To create smokey eyes, start by painting a thin line of black eyeliner along the lower lash line. Next, use gray eyeliner to line the top and bottom of your eye. Finally, fill in any gaps with a black pencil or powder.

Copper Eye Shadows

As the weather starts to warm up, so will the eye makeup trends. The most popular eye makeup trend right now is copper eye shadow. Copper eye shadow is a unique color that can add a touch of brightness to your eyes. You can wear copper eye shadow alone or pair it with other shades of eye makeup for a more complete look. Other simple eye makeup trends you might see this year include using brighter colors and light textures on the lids and around the eyes. Add some life to your face with these trendy looks!

Soft Shimmer Eye Shadows

Soft shimmer eye shadows will be one of the most popular makeup trends in 2020. They give your eyes a subtle, ethereal look that can make you look more awake and alert. Soft shimmers also work well as a base for other eye looks, like cosmic eyes or smoky eyes. Here are some examples of soft shimmers that you can try:

Chrome shimmer: This shade is ideal for people who want a metallic look without having to use too much glitter. It’s super light and easy to blend, so it’ll be perfect for those who want to keep their makeup looking lightweight and effortless.

-Rose gold shimmer: If you’re looking for an extra sparkly option, go with rose gold shimmer. It’ll add a little bit of glamour to your eyes while still being subtle enough to wear every day.

Creamy pearl: This type of shimmer is perfect if you’re looking for something light and airy. It has a subtle sheen that makes your eyes look brighter and less tired.

Glimmering pearl: This type of shimmer has a highlighter-like effect, which will give your eyes an alluring glow. It’s perfect if you want to create an almost falsetto appearance with your eye makeup.

Glitter eye Shadows

There are some simple eye makeup trends that you can try in the near future.

1) Shine-y Shadows: A good way to add a bit of shine to your eyes is by using shadows that contain shimmer or glitter. This will help to add light and life to your eye area, making you look more awake and refreshed.

2) Soft Bronzer: Another easy way to create an uplifting effect on your eyes is by using a soft bronzer. This will give your eyes a touch of warmth and dimension, making them look more awake and alert.

3) Blush: Finally, don’t forget about blush! If you want to add some brightness and color to your eyes, reaching for a creamy blush is a great way to do it. It will provide the necessary boost without being too overwhelming or distracting.

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Simple eye makeup trends are the key to a polished and effortlessly chic look. By using a few simple products, you can create the perfect base for your eyes that will make them appear brighter and more awake. Whether you want to go with neutrals or try out some colorful options, these trend tips will help you create timeless looks that you’ll love wearing year after year.


Q. What is a smokey eye makeup look?

A smokey eye is a makeup look that involves using dark eyeshadow to create a gradient effect around the eyes. The result is a dramatic and sultry look that is perfect for special occasions.

Q. What colors are best for a smokey eye in 2023?

In 2023, smokey eyes will be popular in shades of grey, brown, and blue. These colors add depth and dimension to the eyes, while still maintaining a classic look.

Q. How do I create a smokey eye look?

To create a smokey eye, start by applying a light eyeshadow all over the lid. Then, apply a dark eyeshadow to the outer corner of the eye and blend it into the crease. Use a blending brush to soften the edges and create a gradient effect.

Q. Can I wear a smokey eye during the day?

While smokey eyes are traditionally worn for evening events, you can also wear a toned-down version of the look during the day. Use lighter shades of eyeshadow and less eyeliner to create a more subtle look.

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