Nadja’s Outfits in “What We Do in the Shadows”

“What We Do in the Shadows” is a popular TV series that follows the lives of four vampires who live together in Staten Island. One of the main characters, Nadja, is a 500-year-old vampire of Greek and Romani heritage who is known for her unique sense of style. Her outfits are a combination of Victorian elegance, seductress, and vampire, which makes her look both stylish and intimidating.

Courtesy @ Abby Cox
Abby Cox

Nadja’s outfits are designed by Emmy-nominated costume designer Laura Montgomery. Montgomery has created some killer dresses for Nadja and her doll, with impeccable detail for the vampire. In season four of the show, Nadja wears a tartan dress that was inspired by Alexander McQueen’s 1995 “Highland Rape” collection. The dress features a V-neckline and a bubble skirt that looks like a jellyfish. Montgomery wanted to create a dramatic moment for Nadja’s return and design a look that would work well for when her character falls through floorboards into water at one point in the episode.

In another episode, Nadja wears a black dress with a high collar and a corset. The dress is made of lace and has a Victorian feel to it. Nadja pairs the dress with a black choker and a pair of black gloves, which adds to the seductive and mysterious look of the outfit.

Nadja’s outfits are not only stylish but also functional. In one episode, she wears a black leather jacket with a red lining. The jacket is perfect for a vampire who needs to protect herself from the sun. Nadja pairs the jacket with a black skirt and a pair of black boots, which completes the look.

If you are interested in dressing up like Nadja, you can find some inspiration from the show’s costume designer, Laura Montgomery. She has created some killer dresses for Nadja and her doll, with impeccable detail for the vampire. You can also check out online stores that sell Victorian-style dresses, corsets, and chokers to create your own unique Nadja-inspired outfit.

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