The 10 Best Custom Jeans Brands for Men and Women

Custom-made jeans are a great investment for both men and women. They offer the perfect fit tailored to your body shape and size, ensuring you look and feel your best. With a focus on sustainability, custom jeans are also an excellent choice for the environment. With so many options available, it can be tough to know where to start, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 custom jeans brands. Whether you’re looking for affordable options or American-made, sustainable denim, we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover the best custom jeans brands for men and women.

Sene Studio: The Best Place to Buy Custom Jeans Online

Sene Studio is the best place to buy custom jeans online. Their website and design center are user-friendly and offer customers a range of options to achieve their desired fit and style. Customers can choose between two styles and select their desired fit, denim wash, rise, length, and measurements.

With a fast turnaround time of two weeks and prices starting at $149, Sene Studio provides high-quality custom jeans at affordable prices. Plus, their generous return policy ensures customer satisfaction.

While there are other options for buying custom jeans online, such as Unspun, Neems, Make Your Own Jeans, and Tailored Jeans, Sene Studio stands out for its easy-to-use website, reasonable prices, fast delivery, and high-quality products. In contrast, big-name brands like Levi’s and Wrangler no longer produce jeans in the USA, making Sene Studio a great alternative for those looking for custom-made, sustainably produced jeans.

Unspun: Sustainable Custom Jeans with a Wide Range of Styles

Unspun is another great custom jean company that offers eight styles to choose from. What sets Unspun apart from other brands is its commitment to sustainability. They use low-impact fabrics and localized sourcing, which helps reduce waste. Unspun’s zero inventory policy also ensures that no materials go to waste during production.

When customizing your jeans with Unspun, you have the option to choose the fit, wash, rinse, and length. This means that you can create a pair of jeans that are tailored specifically to your body shape and style preferences. The price for their custom jeans starts at $215, which is on the higher end compared to other custom jeans brands, but the quality and sustainability practices make it worth the investment.

Unspun prioritizes customer satisfaction, offering a return policy within 100 days of purchase. Their shipping time for custom jeans is 3–4 weeks, which may seem like a long wait, but it is worth it to receive a high-quality, sustainable product.

If you’re looking for other custom jean brands, Sene Studio, Neems, Make Your Own Jeans, and Tailored Jeans are also great options. For those interested in American-made jeans, Todd Shelton, Raleigh Denim Workshop, and Dearborn Denim offer high-quality options. Additionally, the Levi’s 511 Premium Slim Fit Men’s Jeans are a great option for everyday wear, while the Bonobos Premium Stretch Denim Jeans cater to a variety of body types.

Neems Los Angeles: Affordable Custom-Fit Jeans for Every Style

Neems Los Angeles is a custom denim company that offers affordable custom-fit jeans for every style. With prices starting at $199, Neems provides custom-made jeans that are competitive with designer brands.

Customers can customize their jeans by choosing the style, rise, wash, length, and pocket depth. Neems also offer options for black and white washes and the choice to include or exclude stretch. This level of customization ensures that your jeans fit perfectly and are exactly the style you want.

The jeans are shipped within 2-3 weeks of purchase, and customers have the option to try the jeans for 14 days and request alterations or return them for a refund if they are not satisfied. This gives you the peace of mind that you’re making a risk-free investment in a pair of jeans that will fit you perfectly and meet your exact specifications.

Neems Los Angeles is an excellent option for those who want tailor-made jeans at an affordable price point. You can get the perfect fit without breaking the bank, which is ideal for those who have struggled to find jeans that fit them properly or are tired of purchasing off-the-rack jeans that never quite feel right.

Make Your Own Jeans: Budget-Friendly Custom Denim

Make Your Own Jeans offers custom denim starting at just $69. Custom-made jeans are not only a good investment for the wallet but also for the environment. They can help reduce waste and save natural resources. Make Your Own Jeans provides easy-to-follow steps to customize your jeans, including selecting the style, fit, wash, and measurements. If you prefer personalized details, they offer options for thread color, pocket lining, and embroidery.

There are several online platforms like Sene Studio, Unspun, Neems, and Tailored Jeans that also offer custom jeans at affordable prices. These brands provide a similar process to Make Your Own Jeans, allowing you to select your preferences and measurements to create a custom pair.

If you prefer American-made jeans, there are brands like Todd Shelton, Raleigh Denim Workshop, Shockoe Atelier, and Railcar Fine Goods that operate their own factories in the USA. These brands use high-quality materials and offer a variety of fit options to ensure the best fit possible.

For everyday jeans, Levi’s 511 Premium Slim Fit Men’s Jeans are highly recommended for their sturdy construction, slimming fit, and comfortable stretch. Another option is Bonobos Premium Stretch Denim Jeans, which come in a wide range of waist sizes and lengths, making them ideal for people of all sizes. These jeans offer a good amount of stretch and a flattering slim fit.

Overall, making your own jeans allows you to have jeans that are tailored to your body shape, style preferences, and budget. Whether you choose to go with online platforms or American-made brands, custom jeans offer a personalized and sustainable approach to denim fashion.

Tailored Jeans: A Comprehensive Custom Jean Retailer

Tailored Jeans is a comprehensive custom jean retailer that offers personalized denim solutions. Custom-made jeans are designed specifically for each individual’s body shape, size, fabric, and wash preferences, providing a perfect fit and lasting quality. These custom jeans are not only a good investment for the wallet but also contribute to reducing waste in the fast-fashion industry by promoting slow fashion and sustainability.

Tailored Jeans offers customization for every aspect of the jeans, including style, fabric, loop designs, and finish. They provide a wide range of customization options and ship the jeans within 6–10 days of purchase.

With Tailored Jeans, customers can easily customize their jeans by choosing their preferred style, fit, rise, wash, length, and measurements. To ensure the perfect fit, Tailored Jeans offers a measurement guide and a fit guarantee policy. Customers can also choose to add custom embroidery to their jeans for a personal touch.

One of the benefits of purchasing custom jeans from Tailored Jeans is the quality of their denim. They use high-quality fabrics and materials to ensure lasting durability and comfort. Their jeans are made by experienced tailors who pay close attention to detail, resulting in a perfect fit and a high-quality finish.

Another advantage of Tailored Jeans is their customer service. They provide excellent support to their customers throughout the ordering process, ensuring that they are satisfied with their purchase. Tailored Jeans also offers a 30-day return policy, so customers can feel confident in their investment.

Overall, Tailored Jeans provides a personalized and sustainable alternative to finding the perfect pair of jeans. They offer a comprehensive range of customization options and a commitment to high-quality materials and customer service. Tailored Jeans are a perfect option for those who seek uniquely tailored and sustainable denim that fits their individual style and preferences.

American-Made Jeans Factories Worth Mentioning

Apart from these online custom jeans brands, there are also some American-made jeans factories that are worth mentioning. These brands highlight the commitment and craftsmanship of American-made jeans.

Todd SheltonAmerican-made jeans with a focus on fit
Raleigh Denim WorkshopHandcrafted denim from North Carolina
Shockoe AtelierClassic American-made jeans in Richmond, Virginia
Railcar Fine GoodsHigh-quality American-made jeans from California
Dearborn DenimChicago-based factory specializing in classic, American-made jeans
Round House JeansMade in Oklahoma since 1903 with durable materials and traditional cuts
LC King Manufacturing CoA family-owned factory in Tennessee produces durable workwear and jeans
Detroit Denim CoSmall-batch, handmade jeans made in Detroit using American-made materials
Glenn’s DenimCustom-made jeans from a one-man shop in Virginia
Texas JeansA family-owned company in Texas has been producing durable jeans for over 30 years
Blue DeltaMississippi-based factory creating custom-made jeans for men and women

Other than these notable American-made jeans factories, Levi’s 511 Premium Slim Fit Men’s Jeans and Bonobos Premium Stretch Denim Jeans are also recommended for their fit, comfort, and quality.

Todd Shelton: American-Made Jeans with a Focus on Fit

Todd Shelton is an American-made jeans manufacturer based in New Jersey. With a strong focus on fit, Todd Shelton offers both standard and custom fit options to help men find their best-fitting jeans. The brand cuts sews, and ships its jeans from its factory in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Made from imported denim, Todd Shelton jeans are available in both selvedge and non-selvage options.

The brand’s attention to detail and craftsmanship is evident in their well-fitting, comfortable, and durable jeans. Customers have praised their jeans for their quality construction and flattering cut. Todd Shelton offers a variety of sizes to ensure a perfect fit for every body shape.

Other American-made jeans brands that prioritize fit and quality include Raleigh Denim Workshop, Shockoe Atelier, Railcar Fine Goods, Dearborn Denim, and Round House Jeans. These brands also offer custom and standard fit options and are committed to producing jeans in the USA.

When looking for custom jeans, it is important to consider the shape of the leg to find a fit that suits your body type. Jeans with a straight leg, like the Todd Shelton 511 Premium Slim Fit Men’s Jeans from Levi’s, are a popular choice as they offer a classic American look and provide a comfortable fit. Levi’s 511 jeans are made with high-quality materials and have a bit of stretch for added comfort.

While the prices of American-made jeans can be higher compared to those of mass-produced brands, it is important to consider the value and longevity of these jeans. American-made jeans are often made with higher labor and overhead costs, which contribute to the higher price. Investing in a pair of custom or well-fitting jeans from brands like Todd Shelton is a sustainable choice that can save natural resources in the long run.

Overall, Todd Shelton and other American-made jeans brands are dedicated to providing customers with well-fitting, durable jeans that are made with a focus on quality and craftsmanship. These brands offer a variety of fit options and prioritize customer satisfaction. Purchasing from these brands supports American manufacturing and helps reduce environmental waste caused by the fast-fashion industry.

Raleigh Denim Workshop: Handcrafted Denim from North Carolina

Raleigh Denim Workshop is a denim brand based in Raleigh, North Carolina, that specializes in creating handcrafted denim jeans made specifically for each individual’s body shape and size. Their custom jeans are designed to fit you perfectly, providing you with both comfort and style.

What sets Raleigh Denim Workshop apart is their commitment to sustainability and reducing waste in the fashion industry. They use sustainable materials and production methods to create long-lasting jeans that are designed to stand the test of time.

If you’re looking for high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, Raleigh Denim Workshop is the perfect choice. Their jeans are priced starting at $200 and are available for both men and women.

Raleigh Denim Workshop has its own workshop in downtown Raleigh, where it produces its jeans by hand. They also sell their jeans online and in specialty stores across the US, making it easy for customers to find the perfect pair of custom jeans.

Whether you’re looking for a classic pair of jeans or something more unique, Raleigh Denim Workshop has the perfect pair for you. Their handcrafted denim is designed to last for years, so you can feel good about your purchase both now and in the future.

Shockoe Atelier: Classic American-Made Jeans in Richmond, Virginia

Shockoe Atelier is located in Richmond, Virginia, and specializes in making classic American-made jeans. They offer custom-fit jeans that are designed to last, making them a sustainable alternative to fast fashion. The brand is committed to quality and offers a free lifetime repair guarantee on all jeans for rips, tears, and blowouts.

Shockoe Atelier’s workshop is located in downtown Richmond, and they pride themselves on their craftsmanship. As one of the few remaining jean factories in the USA, their products are authentic and well-constructed. The jeans have a flattering cut and provide a comfortable fit, made from high-quality denim and are are available in a range of styles.

The jeans from Shockoe Atelier are both stylish and durable, allowing customers to invest in a pair of jeans that will last for years to come. They are dedicated to creating sustainable fashion through timeless, quality denim products. If you’re looking for classic American-made jeans, Shockoe Atelier in Richmond, Virginia is the place to go.

Railcar Fine Goods: High-Quality American-Made Jeans from California

Railcar Fine Goods is located in Monrovia, California, and offers some of the best American-made jeans on the market. With a small team of sewers, they create durable jeans using the highest quality raw materials. The entire manufacturing process takes place in-house at their workshop, ensuring attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.

What makes Railcar Fine Goods stand out is their commitment to providing custom-fit jeans tailored to each individual’s measurements. They understand the importance of a perfect fit, and their attention to detail ensures that their jeans fit like a glove.

While Railcar Fine Goods’ jeans are priced over $200, the quality and craftsmanship that goes into making each pair is worth the investment. They are built to last and will stand the test of time, making them a reliable and long-lasting addition to any wardrobe.


In conclusion, investing in custom jeans is a sustainable and personalized approach to finding the perfect pair of jeans that will last for years to come. Brands such as Sene Studio, Unspun, Neems, Make Your Own Jeans and Tailored Jeans offer a range of styles and customization options that provide a perfect fit, reduce waste, and promote sustainability in the fashion industry. Additionally, owning a jeans factory in the USA is significant for those who value the values behind the brands that make their jeans. Todd Shelton, Raleigh Denim Workshop, and Shockoe Atelier are committed to producing jeans in their own American-made factories, prioritizing quality and ethical manufacturing practices.

For those looking for everyday jeans, Levi’s 511 Premium Slim Fit Men’s Jeans and Bonobos Premium Stretch Denim Jeans are highly recommended. Levi’s 511 jeans offer a classic, slim straight fit with durability and stretch, while Bonobos jeans come in a wide range of sizes and provide a comfortable fit, especially for people with a thicker build.

Overall, with the variety of options available, individuals can find the perfect jeans that suit their style and body shape. By choosing custom jeans and sustainable fashion, you can make a positive impact on the environment and support ethical manufacturing practices. So, why settle for ill-fitting, mass-produced jeans when you can have custom-made jeans that are tailored to your unique preferences? Invest in custom jeans today and enjoy the benefits of sustainable and personalized fashion.

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