Ariana-Inspired Gloss: Secrets to Plump, Shimmery Lips

Ariana Grande’s signature glossy pout is the epitome of youthful, feminine glamour. A perfectly glossy lip instantly elevates a makeup look, adding a touch of glam without feeling overdone. Ready to channel your inner pop princess? Let’s unravel the secrets behind her enviable, juicy lip look. From plumping techniques to shimmery product picks, I’ll break down everything you need to know to recreate that glossy Grande glam.

Lip Prep Like a Pro

Gloss looks radiant with a smooth canvas, and that starts with lip care. Follow these steps for a flake-free foundation:

  1. Exfoliate: Remove dry skin with a gentle lip scrub. Choose sugar-based scrubs for a soft touch or DIY with a simple honey and sugar mixture.
  2. Hydrate: Nourish your lips with a deeply hydrating lip balm. Opt for ones rich in moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, shea butter, or ceramides.
  3. Prime (Optional): For serious staying power, a lip primer creates a smooth base, extends the wear of your lip products, and prevents feathering.

Pump Up the Pout: Plumping Techniques

While Ariana likely has some help from professional filler, we can score natural-looking plumpness with these tips:

  • Plumping Products: Invest in a lip plumper containing ingredients like cinnamon, mint, or ginger. These gently irritate the lips, temporarily boosting blood flow for a fuller look. Start with sheer balms, and gradually work your way up to stronger formulas.
  • Overlining: Using a lip liner subtly overline outside your natural lip shape. Choose a liner a shade or two darker than your natural lip color for a believable effect.
  • Strategic Light: A dab of highlighter at the center of your lips and on your cupid’s bow creates the illusion of fullness through the power of light reflection.

The Glossiest Formulas

Finding the right gloss is key to perfecting the Ariana look. Here’s some guidance:

  • Texture: A lightweight, non-sticky gloss is essential for comfort. Heavy, goopy formulas create a less polished feel.
  • Finish: For a classic Grande gleam, go for sheer to medium-coverage glosses that allow your natural lip color to shine through. High-shine options bring that extra ‘pop’ with an almost glass-like finish.
  • Shimmer vs. No Shimmer: Ariana rocks both subtle shimmers and plain glosses with equal glam. Experiment to find your personal preference.

Product Picks

Lip ScrubFresh Sugar Lip Polish Exfoliator
Hydrating Lip BalmLaneige Lip Sleeping Mask
Lip PrimerToo Faced Lip Insurance Primer
Plumping GlossBuxom Full-ON Plumping Lip Polish
Lip LinerCharlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner (shade: Pillow Talk)
Everyday GlossFenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer
High-Shine GlossDior Addict Stellar Gloss

The Ariana Color Palette

Ariana often favors soft, feminine shades with her high-shine lip looks. Think delicate pinks, peachy nudes, and rosy tones. However, she shows us how to rock a statement bold red with a glossy finish – a true sign of makeup confidence!

Application Tips

  • Layering: For enhanced lip dimension, layer a glossy lipstick underneath a clear or shimmering gloss.
  • Precision: To create a crisp lip line, apply your lip liner and gloss with a lip brush.
  • Blot & Reapply: Throughout the day, gently blot off excess gloss and refresh with a light layer for lasting shine.

Beyond the Gloss: Maintaining Healthy Lips

True beauty radiates from within. For the plumpest, smoothest pout, combine good habits with glamorous lip looks:

  • Stay Hydrated: Drinking plenty of water keeps lips naturally plump and prevents dryness.
  • Sun Protection: Don’t neglect your lips! Apply lip balm with SPF to protect from sun damage.
  • Avoid Licking: This habit breaks down your lip’s natural moisture barrier, leading to dryness and chapping.


Glossy lips like Ariana Grande are definitely achievable! Embrace the power of lip plumping techniques, carefully chosen glosses, and playful color selection to channel those sweet Grande vibes. Remember, prioritize lip care – healthy lips always form the most beautiful base for any makeup look. Now get ready to shine like the pop princess you are!


  • Q: My lips are naturally thin. Can I still get this look? A: Absolutely! Plumping products, strategic overlining, and light-reflecting highlighter are your best friends. Focus on creating the illusion of fullness rather than aiming for extreme volume.
  • Q: Can I wear other lipstick finishes with this type of gloss? A: Yes! Gloss elevates almost any lip color. If you prefer a matte base, blot off some of the lipstick first, then top with your gloss. This combo gives extra longevity to your lip look.
  • Q: Does wearing clear gloss on its own work? A: Totally! Sometimes keeping it simple with a nourishing, non-sticky gloss is the chicest move. Clear gloss enhances your natural lip color and works for any occasion.
  • Q: How do I prevent my gloss from bleeding? A: A well-defined lip line is key. After applying liner, set your lip edges with a light dusting of translucent powder before layering on your gloss.

Your Shiny Lip Moment Awaits!

I hope this guide brings you a step closer to mastering Ariana Grande’s signature glossy lips. If you try any of these tips, please share your fabulous results in the comments below!

Rock that gloss, beauties!

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